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Friday evening scottiboi and I went to Lennox and purchased… - ~* Dan *~ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Feb. 5th, 2003|10:14 am]
~* Dan *~
[mood |crankycranky]
[music |Love Is - Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight]

Friday evening scottiboi and I went to Lennox and purchased tickets for "Final Destination 2." We had some time before the movie, so we went to SBX so I could get a book that I needed for my Comparative Studies class. Dostoyevsky's "Notes From Underground." I'm supposed to have the first part read my class today. I haven't started it yet. After the bookstore, we headed to the other side of town to see what Polaris Fashion Place had to offer us. As it turns out, they didnt' have much to offer. Everyone's Spring lines are pretty much sucking. With the exception of American Eagle, who is once again making me wish I were a rich, rich boy. They have got some really cute stuff up in there. Before we left we stopped at Suncoast and I finally got "Playing By Heart" on DVD. I've been looking everywhere for it, but nowhere seemed to have it in stock. I also got "Showgirls," quite possibly the best movie ever made. They were having some special thing going on, so I got both DVDs for $20. I was excited. We made our way back to the movie theater just in time to grab some good seats. "Final Destination 2" was a good movie. Fulfilled my expectations set forth by the first. I was a little upset that they took the easy way out by killing off Devon Sawa's character so easily. Something makes me think that he wouldn't have gone so easily. Ehh.. After the movie we went to Coffee Table and read some newspapers. I think we're going to the Single and Bitter party at Union this weekend. If Scott doesn't go home.

I worked lunch on Saturday. Nothing too exciting. When I got home, my mom and I went shopping for new work clothes. The ones I had were looking to end their miserable days. Two new pair of pants and a shirt later, I called Scott and we finalized plans for the Gallery Hop. I got ready while Scott drove down to meet me at my house. James, a kid I have been talking to for a few, told me to come pick a friend and him up so they could come with. I was a bit apprehensive about bringing a 15-year-old to the Gallery Hop with Scott and I, so I told him I would talk to Scott about it first. Scott arrived and said he didn't care if the kids came with. So, I got directions and we were on our way. He lives in the middle of fucking nowhere. We dove for at least a half-an-hour looking for his house. Scott had already met him with strangekindaboy earlier this year, or so I hear. Scott told me I wouldn't like the kid, that he was annoying. Scott was semi-right. I dunno. I think it's just because he's 15. Who knows. We picked James and his friend up and then we were on our way. Gallery Hopped it for a bit, decided it was time to take the kids home, and then go to Scott's to get our drink on. We took them home, said our good-byes and headed up to Scott's. Ben called while we were there, so we decided to take some booze over to him in celebration of the evening. We got there, drank a bit, and then decided to meet up with Ben, his roommate and Nick at Axis. We got there, made our own parking spot, and headed inside. There were a lot of people there, but the club had a really sucky atmosphere. There were tons of old folks up in the joint. And they were all pushy and bossy. It sucked. I wasn't really feeling up to dancing around and such. Scott said he didn't have all that great of a time, either. We did see our friend Bryan who moved to California earlier this year. That was fun. The club closed, we made our way home. All in all, it wasn't that bad of an evening.

Sunday I worked, yet again. Came home. Some stuff went down between gayto_fabulous and myself. Nothing bad. Just.. I dunno.. Now I feel strange even mentioning it. I guess if you're interested in knowing what happened you can instant message me for full details. It's not all that stupendous or exciting. But all the same.. yeah.

Monday was more school. Nothing too important or exciting. The weater was actually looking up for a minute there. I didn't run to class for fear of being frostbitten.

Tuesday was more work. And "American Idol." And lots of homework.

I was going to go to my Linguistics class this morning. But I didn't finish the homework. And I still have reading for Comparative Studies to do. So I'm just gonna turn the homework in later and go to English at 1:30. No harm, no foul. It's Wednesday. I think jadeju1ia and I are going to Wall Street tonight. wisdombus might tag along. But she's been awfully shady these past few weeks, so anything could happen there.

This entry sucked. As Randy would say, "It just didn't do anything for me."

[User Picture]From: starburstkid
2003-02-05 10:06 am (UTC)
hahaha...james....i went to school with that kid last year at Hilliard Dabry till he dropped out...
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